Your People – Your Brand

What conversations are you having with your employees…. especially those of colour? The recent murder of a black man by a policeman in America and the spotlight currently being placed on the poor treatment of black people which has been brought to the fore is traumatising. People are still suffering the impact of COVID 19, most especially among Black, Asian … Read More

Financial Support in a Crisis

The new Treasurer, Rishi Sunak has truly risen to the unprecedented challenges that we are faced with today, there’s no question about it even if like me there are some things that you would have hoped that he had and ultimately will do differently.  There are those that say that the plans have been put in place to transform us … Read More

If Money Was Not An Issue

We are currently faced with one of the biggest challenges of our time – a health pandemic resulting from the spread of the corona virus across most parts of the world. The challenge is complex involving the spread of a disease for which currently have no vaccines; the magnitude of it; limited resources to deal with it in terms of … Read More

Support in Crisis

Earlier this week, I walked into a supermarket full of empty shelves I felt as if it was a movie in which there had been some kind of disaster and we were now in the aftermath. Walking around the supermarket in a daze, I bumped into a gentleman walking to the wine aisle. Talking about the empty shelves, he went on to … Read More

Ecosystems in relation to Corona Virus

Reflecting on the situation with Corona Virus, no one can say for sure how badly we are going to be affected by the virus. As with everything else, there is a reality that panicking never helps. There is the baseline recommendation that people wash their hands regularly, most especially after using the toilet – I would add that this would … Read More

Individuals Within The Bigger Picture

Earlier this morning I was listening to a podcast that touched on the subject of a man appointed as a Government Advisor who had historically published highly inappropriate views in relation to eugenics; the opinion that some black people have lower IQs amongst things. Even though they were historically comments, there was nothing to suggest that his views had changed. When his … Read More

So, It’s Brexit Day!

So today, the day when we leave the European Union (EU) has arrived and now the real work begins. It may be seen as stating the obvious, however, it can’t be overemphasised that while we leave the EU, I trust we will always be an integral part of Europe. The transition period will be key to coming to an agreement … Read More

Winners and … losers

I woke up this morning to the British elections results which I must be honest and say weren’t “quite” what I’d hoped for. The results, however, reflect a reality that we all have to live with regardless of what we may have hoped for. As with most contests and competitions there were winners and losers.  Similarly, the winners are busy … Read More

No Reply

At the beginning of the week when I spoke to Claire, she was excited.  She had just been interviewed for her dream job. The interviewer was fully engaged with her, her experience and what she had to offer the organisation. When would you be able to start he asked? We’ll get back to you in a couple of days he … Read More