The Black in the Mosaic

My belief is in a Mosaic world. We are unquestionably diverse, but the power, the strength and the beauty of our diversity does not come to play until we come together in unity to form a mosaic – not just appreciating, but valuing the differences that make us richer; whilst simultaneously recognising our common humanity; and the values and interests … Read More

Unconsciously Biasing Children

I recently found myself watching the “Doll test” An experiment where children, black and white are shown two different dolls at the same time and asked questions such as which one is pretty, nice, bad and ugly.  Most of the children, black and white alike point to white doll when it comes to the positive attributes and the black doll when it comes to the negative … Read More

Roots, Shoots, Flowers & Girls

“The best way to prepare children for their adult lifeIs to give them what they need as children.”— Tina Bruce I’m aware that there are quite a number of groups and organisations that provide networking opportunities, support, training and work related opportunities for women. As a result when it became international news that over 200 hundred girls had been kidnapped … Read More

Organisation Identity & Growth

It’s got to be a great thing when you’ve started up a business; you’ve been through all the ups ad downs and the birthing pains and have finally grown to a stage where there is a fair amount of stability. Typically, unless you turn potential clients away, you don’t stop at that stage. Hopefully the quality and utility of your … Read More

The Values & Value in Diversity

If the truth be told, I wasn’t considered to be a diversity expert until I wrote a book, Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain, which touches on the subject.  I am, however, a Black British female of Nigerian origin who happened to live with a white working class family during my foundational years. Not only have I lived in both Britain and … Read More

When Employees Love What They Do, But Not Where They Do It

I went into a shop to buy lunch last week. As I stared at the menu board trying to decide what I wanted to order, one of the assistants at the counter politely asked me with a smile, what I would like to order. I told her that I hadn’t made my mind up yet and so she went on … Read More

Attitude Wins

I recently had the privilege to judge at an exhibition for Young Enterprise. I absolutely loved having the opportunity to have conversations with young minds about their concepts and ideas. To take the time to access what they were doing, whilst simultaneously doing some subtle coaching. To me, the mere fact that they had got involved in the programme was … Read More