Cheeky Little Monkeys

My friend, let’s call her Alison, was shocked when she picked her four-year-old son up from nursery and heard a teacher call him a cheeky little monkey with a smile on her face as she said. She is normally quite vocal with her opinions, however, on this occasion, she was stunned into silence by what she saw as a blatantly … Read More

Mental Health & Blackness

Today is World Mental Health Day. I believe it’s fair to say that it affects us all – directly through direct personal experience or the experience of those close to us or that work with us in one form or the other. Working on the people side of organisations has long provided me with a degree of awareness of issues … Read More

Forerunning on the Catwalk

If you’ve seen the October edition of Vogue, You’ll notice on the cover a black model and actress named Jourdan Dunn who is English of Jamaican, Grenadian and Syrian ancestry. If you open it up, you’ll find models of colour throughout the publication. It could be argued that this is at least in part because the editor, Edward Enninful is … Read More

Black Presence in Football

There are conflicting views of the origin of football, according to the Football Federation, “what is incontestable is how football has flourished over a thousand years in diverse rudimentary forms in the very region which we describe as its home, Britain”  Records of black players in Britain date back to the presence of Andrew Watson in Scotland from 1876 and … Read More

Black Gold

Did you follow the Athletics over the past week i.e. The World Championships? It was in no way our best result in terms of medals, however we did win two gold medals – won by two different women of colour; Dina Asher-Smith, a History graduate from South London who parents are Jamaican who won a Gold Medal for the Women’s … Read More

On Political Representation

In 1975, Lord David Pitt was granted a life peerage making him the first person of colour in Parliament. It was not then until 1987, that Diana Abbott became the first black woman to be elected as a Member of Parliament (MP), representing Hackney North & Stoke Newington in London.  Three other MPs of colour; Keith Vaz, Bernie Grant and … Read More

A Royal & Mosaic Wedding

Harry and Megan’s wedding was a true representation of our diversity formed into a Mosaic. It wasn’t just beautiful clothing, the ceremony, the guest or joy of new love formed into a hopefully everlasting union.  This is common to most Royal weddings that most of us are drawn into observing regardless of our views on the royal family. There was … Read More

Beyond Immediate Appearances… How Black Are You?

Have you heard of Anthony Ekundayo Lennon? He’s a man with white parents who has long seen himself as black. On the one hand, people would come up to him and ask him questions about his origin, assuming he was black or mixed heritage, only to discover that both of his parents are white. On the other hand, he was … Read More

Windrush Scandals

Windrush Scandals Due to losses during the war, the British government encouraged mass immigration from the British Empire and Commonwealth countries to come to Britain to fill shortages in the labour market. Many West Indians felt encouraged to come for better prospects based on what they had read and heard of Britain – the mother land. The mother land as … Read More

Britain ~ A Place Called Home

When people tell black people or people in general to go back where they’ve come from in its various forms it hurts.  It hurts because it typically comes with the implication that the person in question doesn’t really belong they come from a different land or place and are not indigenes or a real part of the local society. I … Read More