On Educators

I’ve watched both the BBC adaptation of the book and the National Theatre production of Andrea Levy’s book, Small Island. One of the key protagonists in Small Island was a young lady, Hortense Roberts who was a teacher in Jamaica who dreamt of coming to live in England where she would own a home and teach in an English school. … Read More


Most people would have listened to at least a little bit of reggae music over time, most especially the music of Bob Marley. A fair number would have also seen people with dreadlocks – white as well as black.  For some, dreadlocks are a fashion statement, a connection to their heritage. For others, it is aligned to the Rastafarian religion … Read More


I may be stating the seemingly obvious, however, in addition to the difference in skin colour, something else that typically distinguishes black people from people of other heritages is hair. While people of other heritages may have straight, wavy or curly strands; most black people have varying degrees of tightly cured strands its natural form. It can, however, be permed … Read More

White Saviours

Have you ever heard the term, White Saviour? It’s at times used to describe white people who set out to help non-white people in a manner that is seen as self-serving, superior and or demeaning of the people that they set out to help. It came up in the media recently as a celebrity, Stacey Dooley went to do some … Read More

From Empire to Commonwealth

Colonialism is a fundamental part of British history – especially as pertains to Black or Multicultural Britain, yet we rarely talk about it. At its height the British Empire extended across countries in several continents from Canada, the Caribbean and the East Coast of America, Australia, Asia, New Zealand to Africa, accounting for one third of the planet.  As a … Read More

Sticks, Stones and Being Black(er)

Steve Burnett-Martin most popularly known as Blacker Dread used to run a very popular record shop on Market Row in Brixton – Blacker Dread Music Store. Blacker Dread who was born in Jamaica, but has lived in Britain since he was a child is also a reggae producer, businessman and one of the founders of Brixton Splash.  He’s also described … Read More

On Black Authors

In a Guardian interview in 2014, the poet and author, Benjamin Zephaniah speaks of the importance of diversity in books as a catalyst that encourages people to read books. He spoke of being disengaged from reading books as whilst his mother at home told him stories of Jamaica and Jamaican characters, at school, he was told about characters that seemed … Read More

For Blacks Only

Have you ever wondered why we have entities such as Black Medical Society, Society of Black Lawyers, the National Black Police Association, Black Professionals Networks etc? When I was researching the British National Party (BNP) for my book, Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain I came across a video in which a BNP member expressed her confusion that black people say … Read More

A Joyful Sound!

It’s Sunday and therefore a perfect time to talk about Gospel Music i.e. Black Gospel Music. You may have been to a Church where black gospel music is played on a weekly basis, listened to it on the radio, gone to a show or watched the gospel choir competition on television. If not, you will have at least had a … Read More

Cultural Appropriation

New Orleans is probably best described as my favourite place. I love the food, the music, the culture and the people. I visit New Orleans practically every year.  Recently, I’ve started returning home with a bag full of Cajun and Creole spices. If you come to my house, I’ll probably cook gumbo for you – once of my favourite New … Read More