A Royal & Mosaic Wedding

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Harry and Megan’s wedding was a true representation of our diversity formed into a Mosaic. It wasn’t just beautiful clothing, the ceremony, the guest or joy of new love formed into a hopefully everlasting union.  This is common to most Royal weddings that most of us are drawn into observing regardless of our views on the royal family. There was so much more; there was a broad representation of Britain inclusive of the officiation of the ceremony by the Archbishop of Canterbury; both traditional hymns and a gospel choir; prayers by both a bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church and a black, female Church of England Priest; a young black cellist to mention a few. America was also represented. Not just by the bride, her mother and a number of American guests, but also through the address by Michael Curry, an African American Bishop who in no way adapted his style in a bid to fit in.

Blackness in on occasion is represented in traditional British events, however, it often feels as if it’s purely for entertainment purposes or seems to be toned down to fit into an environment.  On this occasion, it felt as if everyone came with permission to be true to who they are and fit in, in that manner.

Many commented on how Megan had brought colour into the ceremony and the royal family. I can understand their thinking, however,  I believe it was as much down to Harry as her,  if not more him.

Megan only became part of the royal family because Harry saw the true beauty of who she is her and had the confidence to marry her and bring her into the family.  He has had to stand up in defence of her against the press and I suspect many others. Life would have perhaps been easier for him if he had chosen someone else, but he didn’t.

To me, he’s love of Africa is an indication that the natural diversity of the ceremony was much he’s choosing as Megan’s.  I believe that this is of critical importance as in my opinion, the inclusion of people that are black, coloured or different in any other way comes about just not by people stepping forward, but also from the support of allies with open hearts and minds with a readiness to understand the challenges and battles that people may face and a readiness to stand up and walk by their sides.


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