Beyond Immediate Appearances… How Black Are You?

Have you heard of Anthony Ekundayo Lennon? He’s a man with white parents who has long seen himself as black.

On the one hand, people would come up to him and ask him questions about his origin, assuming he was black or mixed heritage, only to discover that both of his parents are white. On the other hand, he was at times challenged for seeing himself as black when both of his parents are white.  You could say the rubber really hit the road when he applied for and received an Arts Council Grant for people of colour. Some people thought he had cheated the taxpayer – seeing it as a fraudulent claim. Some others thought he had misappropriated blackness and cheated a genuine person of colour who may have received the Grant if it hadn’t gone him – thus disadvantage black people.

Subsequent to all the upset, he decided to take an Ancestry DNA test. It showed his genetic makeup country by country as 46% Irish and Scottish; 22% English, Welsh and North-Western European.  Critically 32% West African.

There are videos that I’ve come across with people expressing strong racist views being floored to discover their mixed heritage. Have you ever taken a DBA test? It might show that you have connects that you were not aware of. Be careful though, people have been known to discover things that they’d rather not know from tests such as the fact that one or both of their parents do not share their DNA!

Perhaps less controversial, you just might have more of a reason to celebrate Black History Week than you realise!


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