The Black in the Mosaic

My belief is in a Mosaic world. We are unquestionably diverse, but the power, the strength and the beauty of our diversity does not come to play until we come together in unity to form a mosaic – not just appreciating, but valuing the differences that make us richer; whilst simultaneously recognising our common humanity; and the values and interests that bind us together.

This cannot really happen without a deeper understanding of the people around us – most especially those that seem most peculiar or simply different from us.

 October is Black History Month in Britain and I want to use the period as an opportunity to explore blackness so that I as you have a greater understanding and appreciation of Black Britain; enabling the people to become much more deeply embedded and value as an integral part of the Mosaic.

I invite you to come on a journey with me.


As today, the 1st October is Nigeria’s independence date, I will open with a short video from Keji Ayanda entitled My Accent HERE.

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Susan Popoola

Mosaic Fusions

Author: Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain

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